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Fitness Friday: Getting Outside

Japanese Tea Garden //

San Antonio is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve been to. I’m not talking about obvious, grand architecture and stunning skylines like you might imagine,ย  but more in the sweet hidden corners and local gems kind of beautiful. This place really forces you to get out and explore for yourself, which is one of my absolute favorite things to do! I’m challenging myself to go to 1 new place a week in an effort to see more of this city that is now our home.

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Quaint Little Town

Quaint Little Town: Boerne

Hey guys! I’m sorry it’s been so quiet over here recently. My schedule as been crazy between work, babysitting, going to a wedding.. you know, LIFE. But I’m back today with a new post for you guys! I spent Friday morning running around the quaint little town ofย  Boerne with my cousin and her little boy. We grabbed a latte at Bear Moon Bakery and wandered around Main St. for a while. If you guys are ever in or around San Antonio, I suggest heading out there if you’ve got the time for it. Quaint Little Town: Boerne Quaint Little Town: Boerne Quaint Little Town: Boerne www.xomaci.comย  Quaint Little Town: Boerne www.xomaci.comQuaint Little Town: Boerne Quaint Little Town: Boerne Quaint Little Town: Boerne Quaint Little Town: Boerne Quaint Little Town: Boerne www.xomaci.comQuaint Little Town: Boerne www.xomaci.comTop // Jacket // Pants //

I’m sure you’ve noticed by now I love a good pair of Lululemon leggings. I probably wear them about 5 days a week since I’m usually either at work, the gym, or home. With that being said I’m sort of an expert in this department and let me tell you guys, this is my favorite pair of Lulu leggins/ any leggings EVER! That’s right. I said it. They are high waisted, my fav high sweat fabric, they have pockets so I can actually listen to music now at the gym (score!) and they make you look gooooood. They sort of lift everything and give you that nice perky booty we all want. I’ve also got these crops in blue, worn in this post. Another added bonus to these guys is that they are designed to keep you from getting the dreaded camel toe. We’ve all seen it, and we would probably all prefer to have not.

I like wearing these for running around when it’s too warm out for jeans because they are super light and breathable. Even though it’s technically fall it’s still in the mid to high 80s in the afternoon, so my jeans are tucked away for a little while longer. I love this cotton cropped t-shirt, also seen here in black, and my favorite green utility jacket. It’s paper thin and seriously the best layering piece. Top it all off with some jewelry and you’ve got yourself a fool-proof outfit. This is also the perfect look to wear to class when you want to be equal parts comfortable and cute- who knows what cute boy might be in there, right?

Hope you guys are doing fabulous, and make sure you’re following along on my Instagram and Snapchat @ xomaci to keep up with my day to day shenanigans.

XOXO, Maci

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