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A New Love

A New Love / yoga / www.xomaci.comTank // Bra // Crops // Mat

I’ve dabbled in yoga here and there over the past 8 years, but it was over this summer that I realized I need to make this a bigger part of my life. I’ve gone to several classes over the past few weeks and each time I left feeling really great about myself, like I had just done something amazing for my body, mind, and spirit. Each of my instructors have touched briefly on loving yourself, and how yoga is an opportunity for you to really get in touch with every part of you. What’s on your mind, where are you holding your stress, what do you need to let go of? When I leave class I feel as though I’ve just gone to therapy and to the gym, all in 1 hour!

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Bedroom Decor

Bedroom Decor


It’s going to be a few more months before Cam and I actually start decorating our place, but I’ve been gathering up inspiration every chance I get so that when we are ready we know exactly what we want! So far I know that I love the mix of black, brown, navy, and grey. It sounds like it would be a hot mess, but it’s actually so beautiful when they are all combined the right way. If you live near San Antonio and have any suggestions on furniture stores, flea markets, etc. let me know!
Have a great week!
XO, Maci